Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When will I learn, why do I do this?  Monday morning arrives too quickly especially after a very fun filled few days!  The beach, girls in boxes (yes, there were coeds pledging a sorority in giant boxes on the beach), wine and sunsets have a tough act to follow now!  Laughing truly is the best and the cure for anything remotely "dislikeable" in one's life.  Laughing is touching your soul, hugging your inner child and allowing yourself to be exposed.  I certainly look at my friends who I have shared moments like these in a whole new light.  More like extended family now.  When you share such crazy and hilarious times with friends and or family; those are the best times you do not forget.

So, Monday is here, I wish I were with my friends and laughing and not at my desk.  Here, I put on a different face, one that is serious, professional and behaving my age!  We do have our moments here, but nothing like Friday night's escapades!  Call me clients so I can put my, "customer service" hat and act on! I wish we could throw ourselves on to the reception sofas and watch TV on Mondays!  I think Monday's should be a day where we all lay around, talk about our days off, eat some junk food and catch up on the football games, news and whatever the "Housewives" were doing.  Seriously and wishing I were being entertained so I could laugh hard like last Friday!  Now that would be a job I could really love!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Missed this, so, I'm back!

Had some time to look back at the "blog" and thought about those moments writing and how happy they made me!  Missing those times, my kids and maybe even Belize; it's time to start again!

So much has changed and so much has stayed the same; kind of funny?!  My hair's longer, my wrinkles are more defined.  My children are older and doing their "thing" on their own.  Steve is a happy camper, scuba diving, and starting another dive shop.  The dogs are great, minus one or two since the last post, adjusting to a smaller house and yard and no glorious beach runs in Belize.  Now we walk, on leashes (??!) around a neighborhood full of strange smells, new faces, doggies to meet and SQUIRRELS!  The squirrels are driving us all crazy, (I do believe my dogs believe, the squirrels are racing across the electrical lines for their entertainment and it is their job to warn these acrobatic wonders, to be careful, not to fall and to do that again!  They love barking for them, cheering them for more!)  Hilarious, but the barking is driving my neighbor nuts!  LOL, too bad, the possum you keep in your yard drives me batty, so there!

Anyway, here I go, rambling on and finding humor in the life around me.  Smiling at what makes my world go round and loving these moments, embracing the gifts placed in my lap.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Art class with the kids

Wow, just looked over my "blog"! Have not posted in a year! I do have much to say, but not a lot of time these days to contemplate these thoughts. I have been too busy thinking up ideas for the school children I have the pleasure of seeing each day. They love to make things and paint, the little ones love markers and glue! Who does not? I have always loved craft shops, art supply stores and hardware mega-giant warehouses. The fun to be had is overwhelming. The creative juices flowing out of every cell, tell me who does not love getting paint in their finger nails, glue in their hair and permanent marker all over their clothes?! Sorry moms, you have to get dirty and make a mess once in a while. Make something beautiful now and then, sit back and enjoy your handy work. The delight in the children's eyes and the pleasure of something they have made is what gives me a big spring to my step.
I am inspired by the students and eagerly search the internet for more ideas and soon run out of time. I drive my "clown car" golf cart to school excited to show the kids what we will do each day and hope they are happy and as pleased as I with their adventure and future masterpiece.
d :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blue Ridge Boys arrive!

I had another idea for a "blog" topic. I had written to a dear friend yesterday while awaiting the arrival of my one and only son :) and his four friends. They had taken the longer route to get here; via Cancun. Steve made the trek north to meet the boys flight and then escort them to the island. (Less expensive, but a VERY long couple days of travel). So, the boys arrive and I am ready.
Or at least I thought...
My son is a delight; he's funny, kind and sensitive. He is extremely creative and loves sports; especially football, wrestling, hockey, baseball, lacrosse, rugby, basketball, field hockey, rowing, sailing, yachting, wind surfing, curling, skiing, luge, soccer, basket weaving for the gold, card board surfing, regular surfing, trampball, volleyball, beach volleyball, etc., and etc. You get the idea; ESPN is on 24/7 as of today.
Back to this blog.
Since I thought I was ready; today I quickly found out, I am not! In less than 24 hours, they have managed to consume: 6 pounds of boneless chicken breasts, (carefully prepared by moi in virgin olive oil and white wine; what was I thinking?), 2 pounds of rice, a head of cabbage for cole slaw, a 13 x 9 pan of iced brownies, 2 dozen eggs, 1/2 pound of butter, 1 loaf of bread, 1 gallon of orange juice, 2 bags of chips and salsa (?), lost count, 1/2 loaf of banana bread, 1 box of cereal, 1 box of milk and well, you get the idea. Amazing! Never thought I would be this unprepared. I knew teenage boys could eat, but I truly underestimated their capacity. These are growing young men that just woke up for breakfast, note time, 11:59am. They are anxious to begin their day; grand opening of a new business on another island or perhaps a golf cart ride to the end of the island to see an old friend of my son's. Wherever they go, I am positive they will continue to consume. While they are away, I will frantically head to the little island markets and plan for the remainder of this day, or hope to. ( I am thinking of buying any and everything I place my eyes on; I am about to become hysterical!)
Phew, got a grip and will frost the cake that has been cooling, make my list and get going for "day 2" of this 2010 "Spring Break". (It shall be interesting to see what they do for an encore!) :0

Monday, March 1, 2010

An Ode to Shoes

Me in a few of my favorite outfits! :0
Hello, time to pick it up and begin the "blog" again.  Just returned from a trip to the states and during that time, I found a t-shirt of mine that read, "No one cares about your blog".  I laughed, packed it and thought, why did I buy that?  The understatement of my life.
Back on the island, I find myself in the same pair of shorts and tank tops.  My closet is packed full of clothes I rarely wear.  In the states, in the closet where I have clothes stored, I wore the same things over and over while there too.  So why the urge to have more?  This really confuses me now.  I do love fashion and the feeling you get from a great pair of shoes or a dress that makes you feel like a princess.  I do not walk around like a princess here, the shoes would be ruined in one walk to my golf cart.  When I am back in the states, I wear shoes; my feet ache the first few days and I promise myself to try to wear regular shoes when I am back on the island.  (I haven't done it since my return; it's too easy to slide into a pair of flip- flops and run down the steps to the beach or take the dogs out for a walk).  Oh what to do?
My plan is to donate most of what I do not wear here to the next fund raiser my little group of friends are involved in.  I have a memorial service to attend today and I will try my hardest to come up with a new and improved version of my favorite outfit.  I will wear shoes with heels.  (Try gracefully walking through sand in heels, as it pinches the heck out of your toes and grinds into your skin; not an easy thing to do, but I am up to the challenge).  My plan is to ditch the heels and bring a pair of flip-flops to don as soon as the service is over.  Sorry, I do have my limits.
So fashionistas out there, if you see a great pair of flip-flops, keep me in mind.  I also am quite fond of khaki shorts with pockets that hold keys and doggie treats; draw strings are nice too.  I will try not to twinge when I see a tourist in what must possibly be the "latest" fashions in the rest of the world.  I will smile, stay comfortable and hope I will blend in with the masses when I am back in the states. :)  

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Food, glorious food!

Cannot believe another year is coming to an end!  Where does it go?  Amazing!  What a year it has been, glad to be safe, healthy and able to move forward.  We had a wonderful Christmas with very little drama; always a plus in my book!  Both children are here for their breaks, both have brought along friends for a visit.  So much fun, so much anticipation and so much food!  

Not sure what to write about and it occurred to me just now!  Food, glorious food!  We have to have it and having too much is bad and too little is not good either.  Finding that delicate balance between too little and too much is a much held secret and one sought by millions.  Although, I suffer from allergies, some from food, I have also been blessed with a high metabolism.  Do not get me wrong, my butt gets as big as any one's, I do exercise, just not as much as my doctor would like.  My weight has remained pretty much the same since high school.  What makes me write about all this is, Julia Child!  She may change all this very quickly!

I love to cook and I love to try new recipes and gadgets.  When I am in the states, one of my stops is to a Williams-Sonoma or Crate and Barrel store, or both.  I enjoy cooking for my family and friends and have surprised myself many times.  Julia Child was the first chef I ever watched on TV.   My daughter gave me one of Julia's cookbooks for Christmas this year.  Loving cookbooks too, I have been reading and making notes since the day I received it.  Last night, I began trying out some of the recipes!  Lord have mercy, does Julia like butter and more butter.  I am a huge butter fan, unsalted, of course, but what she lists to use in some of these recipes makes my heart flutter.  Delighted, everything I have tried, thus far,  has been delicious and simple enough.  Ingredients I keep in my pantry and now a search for more spices and tools.  The joy of this will keep my very happy and my family awaiting eagerly for what is cooking now and what is to come!  

So, Happy New Year everyone in cyberspace!  I hope you are all blessed with whatever it is that makes you happy.  If you are looking for something to make you happy, I suggest cooking some comfort.  Modify if you must, try what you are comfortable with.  Nothing brings a family together like a beautifully prepared meal gathered around a table with candles and wine.  Made with love and shared with those you love.  Bon appetite!  :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ugly Americans

Why is it when people go on vacation they leave their manners and brains behind?  For the life of me I do not understand this!  I consider myself a "seasoned traveler"; I have only been to 50 or more countries and am eager to see as many more before my days are numbered.  I keep a log of these places; what I loved, what I saw, where I stayed, ate and drank.  I always try to buy a piece of art to take back as a souvenir, something that reminds me of a wonderful place and the life lesson that went along with it.   The one thing I have learned over the years, on these journeys around the world,  "When in Rome, do as the Romans."  Easy enough; be respectful, flexible and considerate of your surroundings and local inhabitants, (human and non) and the gift back is usually mutual respect and maybe if you are lucky enough, a new friend.

This leads me to why on earth the guests that rent the house next door,  feel entitled to party like it's 1999 and woot and holler into the night?  You want Club Med?  Go to Club Med (are those around anymore?) or here's a thought, how about visit the local disco or nightclub?  If you do want to carry on like this,  do not rent a house in a very quiet, isolated area on top of your closest neighbor.  You are going to piss people off!  Just because you paid to go on vacation does not give you any rights to act like complete assholes!  My kid gloves are off, I am at war with these tourists, do not mess with me, I will fight for my home,  make your vacation as miserable as possible and make you regret your decisions!  You want to party all night, then be prepared to be awaken to barking dogs, bagpipe music and trumpets before dawn!  I have the loudest Polaris vehicle on the island;  how about full gear "donuts" outside your bedroom window?  I also have a decibel reader and when you hit 70, (which by the way, you flaming big idiot, frying bacon is over 70 decibels),  I will call the police and you will probably get a ticket and risk going to a jail cell for the night!  I am thinking of more ways to make your visit here even more miserable as I sit here and write! 

This house next door has new tourists each week, we endure this idiotic, inane behavior each week!    This owner has no idea what I have up my sleeves now!  Trip Advisor?  Here I come!  BTB?  Get ready for more calls!  SACNW and SP Police; you all might want new phone numbers!  What happened with a visitor visiting and visiting?  When did visiting become a time to piss off locals and disrespect them?  Just because you paid to be here gives you this right?  What has happened to civilization?  If I ever thought I was disrespectful while peeking into a Hindu shrine in Thailand or visiting a museum in Paris or bar-b- q'g at a townhouse rental in Cozumel,  I would did a hole, hide and beg for another chance to be a better visitor!  I tiptoe through lobbies early morning or late at night, I read or star gaze from a balcony sipping wine,  watching the wonders of nature and beholding a view I hope not to forget.   When I travel, I want to leave with a positive experience and hope that my visit was one that made the people I met want to visit me in my home.  Oh well, some say it is in how one is raised.  I was raised to be respectful, an equal and no better than my fellow woman at home or aboard.  (Apparently, the "ugly American" is something some travelers want to be?!)

So, since the I have had a chance to rant, my blood pressure is back to normal, and I will take a walk along the beach to remind myself why I am here and chose this place to live out these"golden years".  The revenge attitude has gone away and I will behave myself!  (I do have children, albeit, almost grown, but I do have to uphold their respect for me and continue to be a good example!  Darn-it!)   I hope my next door neighbor guests will take a page out of my guide to life and try it.  Travel is a wonderful gift and experience, take from it something new to learn, knowledge in a different culture or a new respect for the environment.  Do not litter, disobey laws, expect things to be like they are at home.  You are visiting some one's home!  Take your shoes off, have a local drink, see what a street vendor has for sale, visit the national treasures of where you are a VISITOR!  Delight in the quirkiness, the absurd, the unusual and take home some knowledge of what you were just given a chance to do!  Do not expect any more and know what you are getting yourself into.  Four miles south of town may seem like nothing in Los Angeles, but on sandy, golf cart roads, you might as well be staying on the next caye.  It is real quiet here and that how the locals love it!   Adios...